Poor as you are

To be honest, I have been having a hard time with this whole blog writing thing. I was super excited about it at first. I knew that it was something God was calling me to do. I would pray about what He wanted me to write and I would get these great ideas with words that just flowed out onto my keyboard. Lately I have written a few drafts . . . let them sit for a while . . . deleted some . . . I just didn’t feel they were blog worthy. Then things picked up in life and I just thought that if God wasn’t going to give me anything to write about then I didn’t have to worry about posting anything until I felt inspired. This weekend I realized that it wasn’t that he wasn’t giving me things to write about, I wasn’t praying, asking and LISTENING to what he had to say.

Enter: the enemy. I have been subtly attacked by discouragement and timidity and I didn’t even recognize it. I’ve been reading these beautifully composed blogs, so poetic and well written and realizing I am no where near that talented in writing. I’ve heard amazing stories of hope and restoration through the graceful hand of God and I think that my stories are not as heart wrenching or miraculous. I don’t feel that I have much to offer, so I haven’t been offering it. Then, I read these words:


This is from the story of the widow who gave her last two coins. I love this idea of giving everything that you have, offering it all to God. I tend to hold possessions loosely and enjoy giving away much of what I have. Especially if I know it is a lot and will make a difference that I can see. We have SO much in this country! We are wealthy beyond belief and could literally feed and clothe the rest of the world. We have so much to offer and giving everything we have could definitely have a big effect on this world.

But what if you don’t have much to offer? What if you only have a few coins, a small story, a feeble ability? Would you be willing to offer that as well? I think about the boy with the loaves of bread and the fish. What if when they started talking about needing to get all those thousands of people fed, he looked at his lunch and said, “Well this wouldn’t even make a dent in feeding this crowd, I’ll just keep it to myself.” We would have missed out on one of the most grand miracles in the New Testament. His faith and willingness to give was all that was needed to feed all those thousands of people.

Our pastor has recently been doing a series on “The Blessed Life” by Robert Morris. He talked about how when we give back to God he takes that, redeems it, blesses it and multiplies it. So while I may think that I don’t have much talent or compelling stories, I am reminded that if I take this small amount and offer it to God, he will bless it and use it for his kingdom however he sees fit.

Is there any area that you feel you may not have much to offer, but you know that God is calling you to give anyway?



2 thoughts on “Poor as you are

  1. You are an inspiring and gifted writer. And an encouragement to me and so many others. Continue seeking and sharing what God is revealing, because I for one, enjoy reading the stories 🙂

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