Patience and Flying Wrenches (Part 1)

It’s been nearly a year since I last wrote. There has been plenty to write, I just have not taken the time to put it into words. I need to process these things and I pray you would allow me to do it here. So much has changed in our lives and yet so much has remained the same. One constant theme I can see God working on is patience. Maybe I prayed this prayer for myself. Maybe someone prayed it for me. Or maybe God just decided it was time to give me this test since I would never want to ask for it myself. I’ve always heard that it is dangerous to ask for patience because the way you learn it is by being given the opportunity to be patient.

When it comes to patience I can do just fine up to a certain point. I can handle traffic and hitting all the red lights. I’m usually pretty good with a toddler who wants to pick every. single. dandelion. when we are on a walk. But then there comes bigger things, like jobs and pregnancy and due dates that seem to throw me for a loop.

This started late in the year 2013 with a prompting that God may have another job in store for my husband. This was not the first time in the 12 years he had worked at his last job that he considered a career change, but it was different this time around. Never did I have peace in the idea of him leaving his job for something else, until now. He was out of town when the idea came to him and he didn’t want to flippantly talk to me about it over the phone so he waited until he got home. This was no ordinary, “I’m thinking of applying for another job.” It would mean an upheaval of our family to another state away from family and friends into a very different career. The funny thing is I just said, “Okay.” And we started talking about what that would mean and how it would work and both of us were excited about the idea of turning our lives upside down and trying something new (not something these perfect little planners are usually up for). The peace that we had starting this endeavor was unreal. Then began the applications and interviews and more applications and more interviews and each time we prayed and saught God’s will and trusted that He would place us exactly where He wanted us. If it had just continued on this way even for the 6 months or so that it took, that would have been just fine, but then the wrenches showed up.

A few weeks into this process my husband’s boss left his position which created a void that he now needed to fill. Still sure that God had something else out there for us we continued to pray and apply, but there was the added weight of carrying his department that seemed to halt the process. I mentioned some unknowingly prophetic words during this time to my husband, something to the effect of, “God is not going to give you a new job until He has put someone in place to take care of your department.” It’s almost comical now how this played out and incredibly divine at the same time. This brought us into the new year and with each application and prayer and interview we really tired to remain surrendered to God’s will. A bunch more wrenches came whirrling through during the next few months and I did all I could to support my husband praying over him and our situation, encouraging him to finish strong and lead with integrity. While tensions were high with an added responsibility he never intended to acquire, 6 months of applying for jobs was makings for some weary fingers and hearts.

Then the day came, a new department head had been hired (praise God!). This was great news but also brought stress to an all time high. We didn’t think it would be fair to get on board with a new boss only to jump ship when a job opportunity came along. That evening my husband applied for a random job (as he did many nights during these last months) and they responded right away wanting an interview that next morning.

We prayed prayed prayed that night, giving it up to God knowing that His plan was bigger than ours.  The peace that surrounded us that night was wonderful. We didn’t know what to expect, we didn’t know how many more weeks or months he would still be at this job, but we knew that God was in control and does everything in His perfect timing. (If only I could hold onto that for future reference) The interview went swimmingly and they wanted my husband to start freelancing as soon as possible with the intention of a full time position in the next few months. In 6 months time after hundreds of applications this was the very first job offer (which I think I kind of hard to believe because I know how awesome my husband is). The very same day that God had placed someone else to lead this department, hours before he was to meet with this new department head, God answered our months and months of prayers in His absolute perfect timing. He was able to resign his position and start making plans for the future.

It was a long road, much longer than we would have desired. But we learned strength and patience and how to encourage each other and pray through things together. It was intense but extremely well worth it to hold on tight to God together and have Him stretch our faith. His provision is just perfect and His goodness is immeasurable.

If only this lesson had been well learned when the tables turned and it was my desire that was waiting to be fulfilled. That story will be coming up next.


One thought on “Patience and Flying Wrenches (Part 1)

  1. You and Patrick are a great example of love. I hope you’ve already started part two cause I’m curious to know what happens.

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